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Payment Terms & Conditions

  • A day-rate fee is a payment for eight hours of work.
  • For larger projects, The Bold Copy can request a deposit of 30% of the quoted price before beginning scheduling out time for work.
  • A contract or retainer agreement will be signed before work beings
  • Once an invoice has been issued, the client will have 14 days to make payment.
  • If your invoice has not been paid by the deadline, The Bold Copy has the right to charge interest of 8% on any late payments.
  • Copyright of all content produced will remain under The Bold Copy’s ownership until the full payment has been completed.
  • After work has been submitted, if a client does not respond within 10 working days, this work will be classed as completed and an invoice will be issued.
  • If outside of the United Kingdom, please note that payments will need to be made in GBP.


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