River Island

River Island

Founded in 1948, River Island is a UK-based fashion brand that offers a stylish selection of clothing for women, men and children.

Category Description Creation & Blog Posts

River Island was looking to create fun and engaging blog posts that cater to their audience of both men and women.

The overall tone of the pieces I wrote was for women around their thirties. They’re all positive and inclusive pieces that aimed to be fun and uplifting, like having a friend giving you advice.

Blog Posts

The Best Evening Wear For Spring, Freshly Picked

Why The Blazer Will Always Be A Cult Summer Buy

Summer Skin FAQs, Answered

Pink: The New LBD

Summer Skincare Saviours 

The Cult Buy: Jersey Bodysuits

This project was completed as a self-employed freelancer within JellyFish’s global network.
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