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Well, hello there. I’m Laura, a passionate content creator & copywriter based in the UK.

Are you looking for engaging on-site copy? A read-to-the-very-end blog post? Perhaps you need to create a kick-ass tone of voice for your brand, or maybe you need a website first and foremost?

Well, I’m your gal! From obsessive perfectionism to my somewhat infuriating sense of determination; I’ve managed to hone these qualities so I can produce the best, and most engaging content possible!

When I was in school, I was only ever interested in the arts. From painting to band, I was obsessed with doing anything that allowed me to be innovative and work outside the box. I thrived for the loose rules and complete control I had over my work.

It took some years to discover that, between essays and assignments, I found that same sought-out feeling when it came to writing. This discovery led to me reading Creative Writing and English Literature at university.

After completing my degree (and realising I cannot drink caffeine to save my life), I began my career in writing.

From blog writing to magazine editorial. I have worked on a vast number of content projects and supplied words to international brands, independent businesses and even television!

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